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  • Events
    Clean Cooking Masterclass – The Fundraising Journey

    Last month, the “Clean Cooking Masterclass” took place virtually, which was organised by EnDev and GET.invest, in partnership with the Clean Cooking Alliance. The aim of this Masterclass was to focus on the ‘Fundraising Journey’, providing insights into the mindset of investors and the process of fund raising from pitching to closing a deal. In total, 10 competitively selected clean cooking companies from Ethiopia, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Uganda – four of which are led by women – participated. The Class was a success in facilitating linkages amongst participants and introducing stories of success and lessons learned.

  • Publications
    How to sustainably electrify people living in off-grid areas? EnDev presents a guide on rural off-grid electrification.

    EnDev’s guide on rural off-grid electrification, which was developed as part of the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda and launched at the Vienna Energy Forum 2021, aims to help increase the implementation and sustainability of projects dedicated to delivering electricity to rural off-grid areas. The guide presents the latest overview of the state of access to electricity, defines off-grid technologies and trends in the off-grid sector, and compiles challenges and lessons learnt related to the sustainability of off-grid projects.