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Public Tender for Biodigester Enterprises in Kenya to participate in a Results-based Reimbursement Facility


The African Biodigester Component (ABC) in Kenya, an EnDev Associated Project,aims to support the growth and sustainability of a commercial biodigester sector in Kenya hence enhancing market development and access of good quality small scale biodigesters (0 to 50 m3) for domestic and productive use. A Result‑Based Reimbursement (RBR) facility will be the core instrument of the project for small-scale biodigesters. ABC is therefore inviting biodigester enterprises through this Public Tender in Kenya to participate in the RBR facility.

Target companies

This opportunity targets Kenyan registered biodigester enterprises and individuals operating in a market-based approach. All biodigesters models with at least a stove are eligible up to a capacity of 50m3.

Available lots

Interested companies can bid for only one of the four lots below. Bidding for one lot does not limit the companies from exceeding the upper limit of the selected lot. For instance, a company bidding for lot number 4 can sell more than 100 biodigesters / year

Lot                   Type of Biodigester Company                  Number of companies to be selected by GIZ

1                          More than 1200 sales/year                                1

2                          200 to 1200 sales/year                                      6

3                          100 to 200 sales/year                                        8

4                          0 to 100 sales/year                                             20

Eligibility criteria

Bidders must have existing capacity (knowledge, structures and staff) to deliver the number of biodigesters. Bidders must have the capacity to collect and report data on their sales and customers to ensure verification of biodigester installation by a third party. Selected companies will be trained on the data collection tool by GIZ. 

Bidding enterprises must provide the following statutory documents: 

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • CR12 Certificate           
  • Tax Compliance Certificate

Bidding individuals must provide the following document only:

  • Kenya Revenue Authority PIN Certificate


More information on this tender including the terms of reference and the application template can be accessed in

Interested bidders shall submit their filled-in application and requested eligibility document(s) with tender reference: 83427345 in the subject line to

Deadline for Submission: 21st December 2022.

Failure to submit a filled in application template and mandatory documents correctly will lead to automatic disqualification.

General Purchase Conditions and Procurement procedures of GIZ apply.

Bidders are not allowed to contact or discuss any aspect of the tender with GIZ before closing of the tender as it will lead to automatic disqualification.


ABC Kenya – Terms of Reference – Result-Based Reimbursements Facility

ABC Kenya – Application template