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EnDev strives to share its experience and lessons learned through events, webinars, and publications. As a partnership, EnDev shares news from the energy access network as well.

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    Scaling Climate-Friendly Cooking: New Guide on the Professionalisation Approach

    The Promotion of Climate-Friendly Cooking: Kenya and Senegal project has developed an innovative, market-based strategy to promote clean cooking access within Kenya and Senegal. The newly published in-depth guide to the so-called ‘Professionalisation Approach’ provides input on preconditions, implementation, and initial learnings from the approach.

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    Celebrating Five Years of the RBF-Fund FASER

    Energising Development (EnDev) Mozambique, and the Fundação para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário (FDC) proudly celebrated five years of successful implementation of the Results-based Financing (RBF) Fund for Sustainable Access to Renewable Energy (FASER).

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    Breaking Barriers: EnDev Bolivia Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

    Driven by its commitment to gender equality, EnDev Bolivia established the Fondo Energía Mujer (FEM) to promote women-led businesses and enhance women employment opportunities.

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    EnDev’s Webinar Series: Accelerating Global eCooking

    The webinar series “Accelerating Global eCooking” offers a platform for exchange and aims to support the electrification of cooking. Find here an overview of all sessions within the series.

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    Assessing the Potential for Biodigesters in Kenya

    The African Biodigester Component (ABC), one of EnDev’s associated projects, has embarked on a study to assess the available feedstock for small and medium-scale biodigesters in Kenya. The outcomes of this research aim to provide crucial market intelligence for biodigester companies, ultimately contributing to the growth of the biodigester market in the country.

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    EnDev Proudly Announces GeCCo Launch at COP28

    As an anchor partner of the Global Electric Cooking Coalition (GeCCo), EnDev is thrilled to announce that the coalition of like-minded partners will be launched at a main stage event during COP28 in Dubai.

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    Insights into the Field: Norad Visits EnDev Malawi

    Malawi faces significant challenges in achieving widespread energy access. In a recent visit, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), one of EnDev’s core funders, gained firsthand insights into the impactful work undertaken by EnDev Malawi. 

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    Empowering Climate-Friendly Energy Solutions: EnDev at IVECF 2023

    EnDev played a vital role at the International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum 2023 (IVECF), actively fostering the exchange of ideas, sharing valuable practical experiences, and advocating for collaborative efforts …

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    IVECF 2023: EnDev is Getting Ready for Three Side-Events

    On 2-3 November 2023, in the heart of Austria, EnDev is participating in the International Vienna Energy & Climate Forum (IVECF) 2023 with three exciting side events.

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    Achieving Social Impacts in the Energy Access Sector

    Key Takeaways from EnDev’s Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) Off-Grid Energy Pilot EnDev continues to push the boundaries of Results-based Financing (RBF) and is thrilled to share a comprehensive lessons learnt …

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    Empowering Students Against Gender-Based Violence

    To raise awareness of gender-based violence (GBV) and its gender-specific effects, EnDev Benin organised a training session for students at an agricultural technical school. As a result, one girl found the courage to report a harassing teacher.

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    Africa Climate Summit & Week: Momentum for Clean Cooking   

    At this year’s Africa Climate Summit & Week, EnDev could showcase its contributions to combating climate change. Together with its partners, EnDev introduced the Global eCooking Coalition and its Global eCooking Accelerator. Towards the end of the week, EnDev and one of its associated projects engaged in discussions on clean cooking and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).