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Outcomes & impacts

EnDev now seeks to support access to electricity and improved cooking for more than 27.5 million people by 2022. As of December 2019, EnDev’s results stand at:

  • 22,900,000 people

    have gained access to modern energy services.
  • 53,900 small and medium-sized enterprises

    grow their business through the productive use of energy.
  • 27,400 social institutions

    have gained access to modern energy services, including 18,000 schools and 2,000 health centres.
  • 23,500 jobs

    are created.
  • 2.3 million tons

    of greenhouse gas emissions are reduced annually.

Sustainable access to modern energy has multiple positive effects on nearly all aspects of social and economic life, and even the environment. As a result of access to energy, impacts are evident across a broad range of socio-economic dimensions including poverty alleviation, health, gender, and income generation. 

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