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Gender and EnDev

Advancing Gender Equality and Women‘s Self-Empowerment through Energy Access

Equal access to energy is crucial with regards to gender equality. In line with SDG 5 (Gender equality and women’s empowerment), EnDev is striving towards gender-transformative impacts. By making energy more accessible, the practical needs of women and girls can be better addressed. The productive use of energy (PUE) in particular has the potential to increase incomes and contribute to economic self-empowerment.

EnDev’s Ambition Level

‘Leaving no one behind’ is a key element in EnDev’s strategy with a heightened focus on poor and vulnerable population groups and a specific focus on women and refugees. To further amplify its impact on gender, EnDev is now focusing on gender-transformative actions and has re-calibrated its whole project architecture to better serve and capture gender-based impacts. To that end, EnDev utilised the vast existing knowledge from the field teams and further benefitted from the strategic cooperation with the gender-network ENERGIA. The new ambition level is propelling EnDev to the forefront of international best practices in the energy access sector.

By making energy more accessible, the practical needs of women and girls can be better addressed. ©GIZ

EnDev’s Achievements

  • No. of women and girls with access to energy

    12.9 million
  • No. of women employed in MSMEs

  • No. of women with access to cleaner cooking energy

    2.02 million
  • No. of health centres which also improves essential health services for women and children


Key Documents

  • EnDev’s Gender Strategy
    This document articulates the gender ambitions of EnDev and provides a comprehensive framework to support its effective implementation.
  • Operational Guide
    An Operational Guide that outlines best practices and ensures high-quality impacts and outcomes are achieved.
  • Factsheet
    The factsheet summarizes EnDevs ambition level in terms of gender, the gender strategy and provides an insight into different projects pioneering gender-transformative approaches.

For further information, the Resource Pack contains important guidelines, ToRs and other documents that support the gender guideline.

Resource Pack (EN) Resource Pack (FR)

Impact Areas

  • Gender responsive energy access

    Priority area 1
  • Women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and job creation

    Priority area 2
  • Women’s representation, voice and leadership in energy sector

    Priority area 3
  • Strengthen institutional capacity and processes on gender within EnDev and its country projects

    Priority area 4

EnDev projects with gender transformative activities

  • Bangladesh
    The EnDev Bangladesh project established a strong focus on gender in its cooking component, by closely cooperating with the Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BBF).
  • Bolivia
    In the Chiquitano forest of Bolivia, EnDev involves women in processes for co-designing technologies, which enable productive use of energy.
  • Ethiopia
    For International Women’s Day, EnDev Ethiopia is organising a joint event with the Ministry of Water, Irrigation & Energy (MoWIE) and Ethiopian Women in Energy (EWiEn).
  • Malawi
    In Malawi, EnDev addresses gender transformation in its cooking component by supporting female workers.
  • Tanzania
    In Tanzania, EnDev/SNV trains as many female, as male ceramic and metal artisans in the production and sale of improved cookstoves (ICS).
  • Uganda
    EnDev supports a manufacturer and distributor for higher tier cookstoves in constructing a new production facility, where they committed to recruiting 50% female staff.
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