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A Decade of Supporting Rural Electrification Programme in Indonesia

Closing event on 10th October 2019. Credit: GIZ Indonesia

EnDev Indonesia has ended its 10 years operation in 2019. Since 2009, the project has supported the Government of Indonesia in implementing rural electrification programme. The final report report contains the key activities of EnDev Indonesia and also the lessons learned from a decade of operation.

The report summarizes the 10 years of experiences of EnDev operation in Indonesia. It is structured into key aspects that have shaped the project from 2009 to 2019. The report shows the evolution of the approaches implemented and how past activities provided solid foundation for sub-sequent activities. The report also provided some recommendations, which generally are relevant for global projects, for future actions in the field of rural electrification.


Report: Decade of Supporting Rural Electrification Programme in Indonesia

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