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Solar Power, Improved Cooking

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Technologies solar home systems (SHS) picoPV improved cookstoves (ICS)
EnDev 1 September 2005 -
September 2009
EnDev 2 September 2010 -
June 2018
Partners Focus on local private sector
Implementers GIZ
Outcomes (06/2017) Access to electricity:
  • 4,000 people

Access to modern cooking energy:

  • 2,800 people

Access to modern energy services:

  • 26 social institutions
  • 158 SMEs

Figures reflect the non-adjusted sum of EnDev 1 and EnDev 2 outcomes. Read more in EnDev's Monitoring


Energy Situation

Nearly all rural households in Burundi use biomass for cooking (99%), for which firewood is the by far dominant source of energy. The resulting deforestation and indoor air pollution are still worsened by using inefficient cooking technologies. Apart from th euse of biomass, rural households' energy consumption is minimal, with electricity at just 0,3% and fossil fuels at 0,4%.

However, the countries' potential for renewable generation of electricity (through hydro, PV) is considerable, though largely unused.

For more information see energypedia.


Endev Burundi focuses on providing access to electricty through market introduction of solar photovoltaic systems for Households, SMEs and social insitutions.

The country project funds PV systems to electrify social infrastructure (schools, health posts, city halls and street light), and promotes picoPV and Solar Home Systems (SHS)through road shows.

Through promotion of Solar Multi Service Stations (SMSS) EnDev Burundi initiates the reach out of energy services to rural areas. In the SMSS PV Panels provide power for battery and mobile phone charging as well as supply power to SMEs in the direct neighbourhood. Typically a hairdresser powers an electric trimmer with this power. The SMSS act as a salespoint for additional energy efficient devices such as PicoPV Systems and improved stoves. EnDev facilitates hereby the linkages between imported/producers, distributor, salespoint and customers. The regional focus for electrification was initillay put on Gitega province and has been extend to Mwaro province.

EnDev Burundi additionally facilitates the promotion and distribution of improved cookstoves through third parties. Herein EnDev creates a platform to share experiences, especially from neighbouring Kenya and Uganda. The project will ensure that Burundi will benefit from knowledge transfer in the development of improved cookstoves.