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Promoting solar energy in rural areas of Benin

Clients listening to the exhibition of solar products by ARESS Company. Copyright: Wura Plus/GIZ

In order to accelerate the market development of the solar energy sector, EnDev Benin has initiated actions in order to support the partner companies of the sector that were victims of the restrictive measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Among the actions initiated, there is the revival of the market animation of the sector through sales animation sessions.  The objective is to support the development of the solar market through support that allows EnDev Benin’s partner companies to benefit from amortization income. This is in order to maintain the dynamics of the sector.  

These sales animations are conducted in series. First, they were held in the South of Benin, then in the North-West and East respectively.

From February 15 to 21, 2021, a series of mobilizing for solar campaigns were held in six communes in the North-West of Benin with the aim of supporting EnDev Benin’s partner companies in the solar sector and promoting the development of the market in the more remote areas of the country. 

Conducted in collaboration with the Beninese Agency for Rural Electrification and Energy Management (ABERME), the companies ARESS, QOTTO BENIN and ENGIE-FENIX participated in these mobilizing campaigns to exhibit their solar products. On the invitation of ABERME, the national and local press was on the spot for the media coverage of the events.

In the respect of the barrier measures to avoid the propagation of COVID-19, these animations were held on the courtyards of the districts of each commune. These targeted communes are remote areas that are usually not covered by the commercial activities of solar companies. Toucountouna, Colby, Boukoumbe and Tanguieta received the first wave of animations. The mobilization of the population was strong because the places and the day were chosen according to the day of the communal market, by passing announcements in local radios as well as through village mobilization.

In the commune of Cobly, the Mayor, at the head of a delegation, proceeded to the opening of the session in the presence of the authorities of the district of Tapoga, the delegation of ABERME and that of EnDev Benin. It should also be noted that the mobilization of village delegates of the district as well as their advisors and some opinion leaders of these villages has motivated the presence of the population in this locality.

The companies present made sales and several contacts for future business.

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