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Moving to scalable business cases in Productive Use of Energy: EnDev presents practical analysis

Linda Zoudai is owner of a kiosk in Mozambique. Photo by: Grabowsky/GIZ

Productive Use of Energy (PUE) can have transformative impact in rural communities. EnDev has collected innovative approaches, trends, and learnings connected to PUE approaches in an analysis as part of its Learning & Innovation Agenda.

EnDev´s Learning & Innovation Agenda

Through the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda, EnDev works with implementers such as AVSI, CLASP, GIZ, Hivos, Practical Action and SNV on the collection of experiences regarding the implementation of energy access activities. In addition, it aims to provide learnings to a wider audience of energy access practitioners.

SNV leads the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda on Productive Use of Energy (PUE), which aims to support other implementers in the SDG7 community with experiences and practical recommendations for improving sector learning, collaboration, and design of future PUE projects.

The Analysis

PUE plays a crucial role in increasing energy access in developing countries, especially in rural settings. Because of its transformative character for rural communities, it is receiving more and more attention in the SDG 7 community. However, there are still barriers that prevent this promising concept from scaling.

The report analysed various PUE promotion projects to improve sector learning, collaboration and design of future projects. It categorises projects, success factors and challenges and provides a thorough analysis of projects through in-depth interviews on project design, implementation, and evaluation.

Producing sheets with electric sewing machines in Tanzania. Photo by: Russel Watkins / FCDO

Main recommendations:

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency by applying a wider eco-system approach for PUE interventions.
  • Tailor PUE project designs towards scalability, aiming at replicable models and scalable business cases.
  • Intensify collaboration and create multi-disciplinary project teams.
  • Sensitise stakeholders in funders, governments and development organisations

In the following months, EnDev aims to provide further learnings on topics such as Humanitarian Energy, Clean Cooking & Behavioural Change and Rural Electrification.


Productive Use: Moving to scalable business cases

About the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda

Through the Learning & Innovation Agenda, EnDev aims to support other implementers in the SDG7 community with experiences and practical recommendations for improving sector learning, collaboration, and the design of future projects. Learn more about another recent published report: “Humanitarian Energy: Energy for micro-enterprises in displacement settings.”

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