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EnDev at the Vienna Energy Forum 2021

EnDev will encourage dialogue in three side events at the Vienna Energy Forum. The conference is a platform for policy – and decision-makers from all sectors of society to conceive practical solutions to sustainability issues.

Sustainable Energy for Smallholder Farmers

When? 6 July 2021, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Click here to go to event page

Join EnDev and partners for the launch of the IKEA Foundation co-financed project Sustainable Energy for Smallholder Farmers. The project is a regional scheme that aims to improve access to solar energy solutions for smallholder farmers mainly in the horticulture and dairy value chains in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

This is achieved by using a market-based approach and by focusing on piloting scalable, innovative Productive Use of Energy (PUE) business cases for smallholder farmers and related local businesses along agricultural value chains.

Practitioners from the partner organisations will present results from nascent markets for solar irrigation, solar cooling and the energy hub from the three focus countries.

The event will be moderated by Martijn Veen, Global Head of Energy – SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. Speakers:

  • Jolanda van Ginkel, Programme Manager Renewable Energy at IKEA Foundation
  • Samson Tolessa, EnDev Ethiopia
  • Denis Karema, CEO at SokoFresh
  • Vincent Sseremba, Country Director at Tulima Solar

Tiers, Markets, Sustainability: Trends in Rural Off-Grid Electrification

When? 7 July 2021, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Click here to go to event page

The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase of the people without access to electricity in the region for the first time since 2013, and a decline of energy access by 2% or 13 million people in 2020 compared to 2019. Current policies on electricity access will be unable to outpace the region’s population growth.

Key market trends in the off-grid electrification sector should be considered together with a set of sustainability indicators to accelerate the deployment and maximise the impact of off-grid electrification projects. This session will focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, the region with the largest gap towards universal access.

The event will be moderated by Gregor Brömling, Advisor at Energising Development / GIZ GmbH. Speakers:

  • Nahid Hussein, Deputy Resident Representative at UNDP Yemen
  • Radhika Thakkar, VP Corporate Affairs at Greenlight Planet
  • Aukje de Jager, Projectmanager at Energising Development (EnDev) Mali / GIZ GmbH
  • Joanis Holzigel, COO at INENSUS GmbH

Supporting scalable food-system business cases off-Grid

When? 7 July 2021, 13:30 – 14:30 pm Click here to go to event page

Productive Use of Energy (PUE) can have transformative impact in rural communities. However, there are still barriers that prevent this promising concept from reaching scale. Some of those barriers are limited supply of appropriate products, limited development of viable business cases and a lack of cross-disciplinary expertise and coordination.

SNV and other implementers in the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda have analysed innovative approaches, trends, and learnings connected to PUE approaches. This side event will present recent learnings and innovations on the use of energy in food-systems, moving towards scalable business cases.

About the Vienna Energy Forum

The Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) is a biennial global, multi-stakeholder forum to explore developmental challenges within the realm of sustainable energy. The Forum introduces a platform for policy- and decision-makers from all sectors of society to conceive practical solutions to sustainability issues.

Since its founding in 2008 by a joint initiative of the Austrian Government, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, VEF has assembled thinkers and practitioners from all over the world to discuss practical solutions to sustainable development challenges and pave the way for tangible partnerships on the ground.

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