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Clean Cooking: How to promote behavioural change among households and communities

Cooking on an environmentally friendly cookstove. Copyright: GIZ

The guide, developed as part of the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda, aims to identify, systematize and disseminate inspirational best practices, successful tools, strategies, activities and approaches to promote behavioural change towards the adoption and sustained use of cleaner cooking solutions among low-income households and communities in developing countries.

About EnDev and the Learning & Innovation Agenda

Energising Development (EnDev) is a partnership of likeminded donors and partners to support access to modern energy which works in more than 20 countries around the globe. It is one of the largest on-the-ground technical assistance programmes for energy access in the world.

Through the Learning & Innovation Agenda, EnDev aims to support other implementers in the SDG7 community with experiences and practical recommendations for improving sector learning, collaboration, and design of future clean cooking energy projects.

The Guide

EnDev is striving to promote behavioural change towards a widespread, sustainable und sustained adoption and use of cleaner cooking solutions by communities, households, and individuals. With a new practical guide, EnDev aims to share and exchange knowledge about successful approaches for the benefit of enterprises, donors, investors and policy makers.

This practical guide aims to address the following questions:

  1. Which are the most common behavioural determinants – including, if possible, the reasons for their existence – to be considered when designing, planning or implementing a project/activity aimed at promoting behavioural change in cooking?
  2. Which are the main tools to assess the cooking behaviour determinants of specific communities, household or individuals?
  3. How to promote behavioural change towards a widespread, sustainable and sustained adoption/use of cleaner cooking solutions by communities, households, and individuals.


Findings are supported by in-depth case studies.

The practical guide can be downloaded here or in the download section of the EnDev website.

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