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EnDev strives to share its experience and lessons learned through events, webinars, and publications. As a partnership, EnDev shares news from the energy access network as well.

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  • Publications
    EnDev with support from the IKEA Foundation reveal details about the PUE sector in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

    he SEFFA project, aiming to support scalable business cases in agricultural value chains of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, has commissioned a PUE study.

  • Publications
    How to create electricity-based livelihood? EnDev presents solutions for refugee settings

    The publication sheds light on some of the key challenges for companies, innovators and start-ups when delivering energy access solutions in refugee settings.

  • Publications
    The Vulnerability Access Index: How to develop solar markets in Tanzania’s rural areas

    rt of the Results-based Financing Facility (RBFF), EnDev created the Vulnerability Access Index (VAI) as an innovative way to value and incentivise companies to reach deeper into more socioeconomically challenged and vulnerable regions.

  • Publications
    The EnDev Tanzania Green Economic Recovery Fund – customer insights on the Productive Use of Energy

    What are the current usage trends and future aspirations for productive use of energy products by rural off-grid solar customers? EnDev presents a report with customer insights on Productive Use of Energy in Tanzania.

  • Publications
    Clean Cooking: How to promote behavioural change among households and communities

    A new publication published by EnDev aims to identify, systematize and disseminate inspirational best practices and approaches to promote behavioural change towards the adoption and sustained use of cleaner cooking solutions among low-income households.

  • Publications
    “Giving RBF a voice” – a summary of 17 success stories featuring entrepreneurs who benefitted from EnDev’s RBF Facility

    After closing a 7-year Facility for Results-based Financing (RBF) financed by UK Aid, EnDev has collected project closing stories in a booklet, giving 17 entrepreneurs in 14 countries a voice.

  • Publications
    How to sustainably electrify people living in off-grid areas? EnDev presents a guide on rural off-grid electrification.

    EnDev’s guide on rural off-grid electrification, which was developed as part of the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda and launched at the Vienna Energy Forum 2021, aims to help increase the implementation and sustainability of projects dedicated to delivering electricity to rural off-grid areas.

  • Publications
    Transforming energy access markets with RBF – Lessons from 7 years of implementation under EnDev’s RBF Facility financed by UK Aid

    How can Results-based Financing (RBF) help overcome market barriers to modern energy services? Which approaches and design features work best in which circumstances and why? In a brand new report, EnDev shares its lessons learnt from implementing 17 projects across 14 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Publications
    Into the future with sustainable energy and 23.8 million people reached

    EnDev is pleased to share its key achievements in 2020 on supporting people, schools, health centres and companies gain access to modern energy. EnDev will continue to create inclusive energy …

  • Publications
    13 years of impact in Ghana

    In 2019, EnDev ended its interventions in Ghana after 13 years of implementation. Yet, now more than ever, EnDev partners are making Productive Use of Energy a main pillar of their support.

  • Publications
    How to tackle energy needs in displacement settings? EnDev and Practical Action present a joint publication

    The knowledge product as part of the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda aims to help increase the rate of implementation in the area of humanitarian energy.

  • Publications
    Rigorous Verification of Results: Value for Money or Waste of Time?

    In a new knowledge product, EnDev shares lessons learnt from 7 years of designing and implementing verification systems under the UK Aid-financed RBF Facility.