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IVECF 2023: EnDev is Getting Ready for Three Side-Events

On 2-3 November 2023, in the heart of Austria, EnDev is participating in the International Vienna Energy & Climate Forum (IVECF) 2023 with three exciting side events. Being one of the international flagship programmes with regards to energy access and renewable energy, EnDev will bring it its experience by sharing insights into successful approaches and new developments on clean cooking, LNOB and promoting the use of solar energy in agricultural value chains.

With the motto “Progress by Innovation”, this year‘s conference will be attended by key stakeholders including decision-makers and international experts at the Hofburg Conference Centre in Vienna for two days – the conference takes place at a critical moment for global climate action and sustainable development. The Forum will be held only a few weeks before the COP 28.  

EnDev with partners will engage in several side events:

Catalysing Sustainable Development Goals through Clean Cooking solutions / 2 November 11:30 am -13 pm and 14 pm -15:35 pm @ Forum Room at Hofburg Palace

Across the globe, leading organisations are taking significant strides in implementing clean cooking projects that place a strong emphasis on gender and economic empowerment. These initiatives are not only transforming cooking practices but are also creating opportunities for women’s advancement, economic growth, and sustainable development. Together with key organisations such as Clean Cooking Alliance, MECS, SE4All and SNV as well as governmental authoririties promoting clean cooking, EnDev is organising a side event focusing on issues pertaining to clean cooking through four sessions.

The opening high-level segment will include statements from leaders in clean cooking. High-level statements are among others confirmed from Gerd Müller (Director General at UNIDO), Damilola Ogunbiyi (CEO at SEforALL) and Alexander Haack (Programme Manager at EnDev/GIZ). A second session will showcase and discuss experience in implementing clean cooking initiatives at country level. This segment will provide insights into successful policies, challenges faced, and lessons learned, contributing to a collective understanding of effective policy implementation in scaling clean cooking. The third session will highlight innovative financing mechanisms in the clean cooking sector and the role of carbon financing. The concluding part aims to explore how clean cooking solutions and technologies can empower women and youth from the experiences of leading organisations with their clean cooking projects.

Solar irrigation for smallholder farmers – is it increasing resilience and reducing poverty? / 2 November 14:00 pm @ Geheime Ratstube

The interactive session will highlight the achievements in reaching smallholder farmers with solar irrigation systems. EnDev will share experiences with the promotion of solar irrigation using Results-based Financing and showcase views from the IKEA Foundation and two innovative solar irrigation companies from India and Kenya. The session will be moderated by Helen Kyomugisha, Programme Component Manager at EnDev Uganda/GIZ.

The role of Demand-Side Subsidies (DSS) in ensuring a Just Energy sector transformation: Scalable solutions for accelerating universal energy access beyond the grid / 3 November 12:00 pm @ Wintergarden

This session will focus on the scalable solutions for accelerating universal energy access beyond the grid solution. Through the newest approach Demand-Side Subsidies (DSS), EnDev seeks to close the affordability gap for renewable electricity and improved cooking while ensuring at the same time that no one is left behind. EnDev will elaborate on its experiences in its partner countries and how DSS can contribute to sustainably improve livelihoods. Representatives from GOGLA and RVO will moderate the workshop.

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