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Highlighting on the Power of inclusion and equitable energy transition at COP27

EnDev will be featured at the COP27 side event panel on The Power of Inclusion: Designing equitable energy systems across social divisions organised by the Climate Compatible Growth of Oxford University. EnDev will present its new ambition level in terms of gender on the basis of its recently launched Gender Strategy.

This year’s COP27 will take place in Egypt from November 6th till November 18th and will focus on enhancing implementation and raising ambition on a broad range of issues related to climate change. It is thus a vital opportunity to facilitate the global discourse on reaching the climate goals and towards limiting the global temperature increase to well below 2°C – while pursuing efforts to limit the increase even further to 1.5°C.

EnDev will be participating in a side event on ‘The Power of Inclusion: Designing equitable energy systems across social divisions‘, organised by the Climate Compatible Growth of Oxford University. It will take place on 11th November between 4 pm and 5:20 pm (GMT+1) at the Maritime Jolie Ville Resort, as well as online (register here for online access). The panel will highlight on inclusion, which is an important part of an equitable energy transition. Another yet undervalued part is building truly sustainable and climate-compatible energy systems. The session will take an in-depth look at inclusivity in energy transitions through the lens of different demographic groups, including gender, disability, age and class. For this, Alexander Haack, Programme Director of EnDev, will represent EnDev’s new ambition level in terms of gender, including the newly launched EnDev Gender Strategy and give an insight into EnDev’s commitment to promote gender equality in its projects. This will be achieved through the implementation of gender-transformative approaches, which have as their aim the empowerment of women.

Did you know..?

EnDev is featuring the Gender component in several projects. Read more.

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