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Call for proposals: results-based financing for solar water pumps & off-grid refrigerators

Global LEAP Awards results-based financing campaign.pdf

6 August 2019

Distributors of the Global LEAP Award-winning products can apply for receiving funds from our results-based financing mechanism.

Call for Pre-Qualification for solar products of EnDev Tanzania’s RBF Fund

RBF Tanzania.jpg

1 July 2019

Stage 2 of the Solar Market Development in Lake-Central Zones RBF Fund has started, and eligible private sector companies are invited to apply for early pre-qualification

EnDev Ethiopia participated in the first Ethiopian Water and Energy Week

EnDev ET Booth at EWEW.jpg

20 June 2019

EnDev Ethiopia attended the first Ethiopian Water and Energy Week and used the opportunity to share its project experience.

EnDev partners demand more attention for energy needs in refugee settings

EnDev side event at EDD2019 (19-6-2019).jpg

20 June 2019

At the European Development Days in Brussels, experts have warned about a lack of energy services in refugee camps – and exchanged experiences with market-based solutions.

EnDev and partners debate on energy for refugees during European Development Days

GIZAnja Rohde2 klein.JPG

20 May 2019

How can markets for energy services be created in refugee settlements in a fair and sustainable way? EnDev and partners will discuss this question during the European Development Days in Brussels.

A new solar hybrid mini-grid was officially launched in Rutenderi, Rwanda

Photo 3.JPG

16 May 2019

Absolute Energy together with EnDev Rwanda celebrates the official launch of a hybrid mini-grid in Gatsibo district

EnDev helps electrify 34 health centres in Barouéli, Mali

SMakmende EnDev Mali-53 - mittelgroß.jpg

15 May 2019

Working without electricity is a typical challenge for many health institutions in Mali. EnDev is helping to electrify them properly – making night births a lot easier.

Absolute Energy with support of EnDev successfully installed a solar hybrid mini-grid

GIZ Isabella Troconis Rwanda 2019 Rutenderi village, electrified shop .jpg

27 March 2019

This new 50kW hybrid mini-grid in Rutenderi village will enable more than 500 new connections in Rwanda

EnDev and Barclays Bank of Kenya join hands in powering Kenya’s off-grid areas with 14 mini-grids

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-14 at 21.38.41.jpeg

19 March 2019

Through the DFID funded Results-based Financing (RBF) Facility, EnDev through Barclays provides incentives to 4 companies for implementing 14 mini-grids in two Kenyan counties, Turkana and Marsabit.

Environmental and Social Assessment of the “Promotion of Climate-Friendly Cooking in Kenya and Senegal” funding proposal to the Green Climate Fund

News GCF ESA study.jpg

23 January 2019

Along submitting a funding proposal to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), EnDev makes its Environmental and Social Assessment available to the public. It is available for download in English and French.

World Bank announces Call for Expression of Interest for Field Study on Clean Cooking

Bondhu Chula stove Bangladesh.jpg

11 January 2019

On behalf of the World Bank we ask your attention for a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a Field Study on Co-Benefits from Clean Cooking Interventions

Impact Study on Results-based Financing for Rural Solar Market Development in Tanzania

News RBF impact study 2018 Tanzania.JPG

21 December 2018

As part of the overall evaluation of EnDev’s Results-based Financing (RBF) Facility, this impact study assesses how RBF has accelerated market transformation for picoPV products in Tanzania.

New survey assesses job creation impact of the RBF cookstoves project in Cambodia

22538561 1712022815477464 4735354327892503255 o.jpg

26 November 2018

A publication by EnDev and SNV highlights the impact the RBF cookstove project had on job creation and private sector engagement in a newly created market for clean biomass cookstoves in Cambodia.

Minister of Health in Liberia installs EnDev Collect app on the spot

Liberia Health Minister Wilhelmina Jallah.JPG

21 November 2018

Liberian Health Minister, Wilhelmina Jallah, installed the EnDev Collect app, which provides up to date information on the functionality of solar systems at social institutions like health centres.

Goodbye Peru, it was a pleasure working here - EnDev Peru closing event on 25 October

EnDev closing event Peru, 25.10.2018 0876.JPG

9 November 2018

The event location illuminated only by solar-powered lanterns, displays of improved stove and solar dryer models and other energy technologies – the closing event showcased EnDev's work of 10 years.

EnDev successfully calls for increased attention of middle segment, local stove producers at Clean Cooking Investment Forum

Raats in Panel Debate at CCIF.jpg

7 November 2018

At the Clean Cooking Investment Forum, EnDev successfully raised attention for the group of semi-industrial, local stove producers in the middle segment, seeking for capital to boost their business.

New GIZ and EnDev Publication on End-of-Life Management of Batteries in the Off-grid Solar Sector

GIZ end-of-life management of batteries in the off-grid sector.png

7 November 2018

This new publication prepared by Öko-Institut and Sofies looks at the question of how to deal with hazardous battery waste from solar power projects in developing countries

Dutch donor representatives visit EnDev Kenya to get first-hand impressions of the partnership and its activities

20180920 Field trip EnDev Kenya.jpg

5 November 2018

One day in the field, the next day at the roundtable. EnDev Kenya’s implementing partners take the opportunity to jointly host donor representatives from the Netherlands

EnDev and its partner AVSI present field experiences of women empowerment in energy projects at network event in Brussels

20181023 Panel Discussion EnDev AVSI event.jpg

23 October 2018

EnDev and partner AVSI foundation presented field experiences of improving positions of women at the network event on ‘How to empower women in the off-grid energy business?’ on 23 October in Brussels.

EnDev team co-organised and participated at the Mallorca “s-@access” conference

EnDev delegation at the access conference, Majorca, Spain.jpg

20 October 2018

Together with 150 practitioners from the field, an EnDev delegation discussed trends and challenges in the rural electrification sector during the 3-day conference in Palma de Mallorca

EnDev Ethiopia handed over 25 solar systems, co-financed by Irish Aid, to social institutions in the Tigray region

EnDev IA Solar PV System Handover Ceremony Mesanu Tigray by Mulugeta Gebrekidan (8) 2.jpg

18 October 2018

The new electricity supply benefits health facilities, schools and other institutions, such as the Mesanu training centre. Today, they can use various electrical devices, thus offer many more services.

Invitation for lunchtime event at GIZ Representation in Brussels, 23 October 2018: How to Empower Women in the Off-Grid Energy Business?


12 October 2018

Together with AVSI and further guests, EnDev will discuss integrated approaches for women empowerment in the off-grid energy sector during the C4C lunch time event in Brussels

New paper on sustainability of biomass stoves in Peru with technical support of EnDev

10027573226 a322922f73 o.jpg

7 August 2018

The study, carried out on behalf of IICA and FASERT, is an evaluation of use and maintenance for at least four years old improved cookstoves installed by social programmes in four regions of Peru

RBF Call in Kenya for small solar home systems until October 2018

Call for proposals - Kenya PicoPV call.jpg

24 July 2018

EnDev Kenya’s results-based financing (RBF) project for small solar home systems is extending its current application window until 31 October 2018

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and EnDev intensify cooperation to boost transformation of the clean cooking sector

GACC-EnDev 20180720 130225.jpg

20 July 2018

Delegations of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and EnDev agreed on strengthened cooperation to boost transformation of the clean cooking sector

Strong focus on capacity building by EnDev has resulted in a flourishing market for improved cookstoves in Madagascar

Madagascar - 20180609 143235 (002).jpg

13 July 2018

In the SDG7 review, the need for strengthening the capacities of local organisations is broadly acknowledged. In Madagascar, solid capacity building has created a strong market for improved cookstoves

Improved security and governance through streetlights in conflict prone northern Mali

Mali Streetlight,.jpg

12 July 2018

Ensuring no one is left behind calls for identifying and addressing barriers faced by vulnerable groups in access to resources

EnDev helps stimulate local economic growth in rural Tanzania

Business - DFID Watkins Tanzania 2015 solar co-operative in Bariadi.jpg

11 July 2018

The SDG7 review includes economic development in LDCs as important success factor. In Tanzania, local businesses have ventured into rural areas with the help of financial incentives by EnDev.

Sensitisation of women on the benefit of improved cookstoves makes an impact in Bangladesh


10 July 2018

How providing clean cooking solutions and gender-sensitive energy access is changing lives

Access to electricity has boosted entrepreneurship and well-being in N’Tjiba in Mali


9 July 2018

In the SDG7 review, the need for boosting decentralised energy solutions is broadly acknowledged. In N’Tjiba in Mali, citizens already experience the benefits of electricity in their daily life.

EEP Africa Program launches new Call for Proposals

GIZ Razvan Sandru Rwanda 2016 solar village-grid in Ngoma.jpg

11 June 2018

The EEP Africa Program has launched a new Call for Proposals. EnDev and the Energy and Environment Partnership Trust Fund (EEP) are currently exploring closer collaboration.

EnDev Rwanda publishes its Off-Grid Sector Status Report 2017

Rwanda Off-grid sector status report 2017.PNG

25 May 2018

The annual issue of the report for Rwanda provides an assessment of the off-grid solar lighting and mini-grid market development in Rwanda

Call for proposals: solar PV hybrid mini-grids in Marsabit County, Kenya

2018-05 EnDev Kenya RBF Call for Proposals solar PV hybrid.jpg

30 April 2018

EnDev Kenya’s results-based financing (RBF) project Market Creation for Private Sector Operated Mini-Grids launches its new call for proposals

New EnDev publication shows that results-based financing is a powerful instrument to boost energy entrepreneurship

EnDev RBF brochure v180322, News picture.jpg

6 April 2018

EnDev’s new publication shows how results-based financing (RBF) works in practice, and shares lessons learned on how to design and implement RBF projects

EnDev emphasises ´Leave No One Behind´ commitment at SDG7 Global Conference

UNO Erick Ratajczak SDG7 Global Conference, Bangkok, 23 February 2018.jpg

26 February 2018

Bangkok, 23 February 2018 – EnDev participated at the SDG7 Global Conference and stressed the importance on the ‘Leave No One Behind’ agreement in the current access to modern energy discussion

National approaches to electrification: a review of options

National approaches to electrification.png

22 February 2018

Together with its partners EUEI PDF and Practical Action, EnDev developed a tool which provides high-level information on national electrification approaches in a systemised manner

Call for proposals: energy-efficient refrigerators for Bangladesh and East Africa

2nd call for proposals Bangladesh, East Africa refrigerators.jpg

31 January 2018

Off-grid appliance bulk procurement incentives, 2nd round: refrigerators

Call for proposals: solar AC and solar DC village grids in Rwanda

Call for proposals - AC,DC village grids Rwanda.png

15 January 2018

EnDev Rwanda promotes village grids and launches its 6th call for proposals

COP23: invitation for EnDev's side event on 11 November

COP23 News article.PNG

6 November 2017

"Climate change action through decentralized energy solutions – local, people-centric and renewable" - Discussing the potential of decentralized energy solutions for climate mitigation policies

From building supervisor to heading a stove company: Alfred Chisale from Lilongwe, Malawi

Alfred Chisale Malawi cookstove entrepreneur.PNG

19 September 2017

The improved cookstove sector not only supplies people with cleaner, energy-efficient stoves but provides jobs and a long-term perspectives for income generation in Malawi.

Call for proposals: solar PV hybrid mini-grids in Turkana County, Kenya

Call for proposals Kenya solar mini-grids news.png

12 September 2017

EnDev Kenya’s results-based financing (RBF) project Market Creation for Private Sector Operated Mini-Grids launches its new call for proposals

New round of RBF incentives for solar appliances starts with a networking event – you are invited

News pic RBF LEAP event invitation sept-2017.PNG

8 September 2017

To launch the upcoming round of incentives CLASP is organising an Off-Grid Appliance B2B Networking Event in Kigali, Rwanda, September 28-29, 2017

Call for proposals: Sub-Saharan Africa Grid Densification Challenge Fund

Call for proposals - news graphic, SSA grid 2nd call - small.png

28 August 2017

EnDev launches the 2nd call of the Grid Densification Challenge Fund. Results-based payments will be available for increasing energy access for poor households through grid densification.

EU Delegation visits mini-grid site in N’Tjiba, Mali

GIZ Aukje de Jager Mali EU delegation visit guided tour at mini grid site.JPG

13 July 2017

As part of the Climate Action Week in Mali, an EU delegation visited the 50 KWp hybrid mini-grid in N’Tjiba. The mini-grid was facilitated by EnDev to deliver electricity access to the rural village.

Stories of entrepreneurs in Peru: the case of Wilbert from Arequipa

EnDev-Peru Wilbert Pulcha Silcahue.png

7 July 2017

“Customers wondered if this was a good product. EnDev supports us with the validation of the product …” - Wilbert Pulcha Silcahue

EnDev-supported energy initiative FOCAEP in Central America wins international award


12 June 2017

The FOCAEP initiative boosts access to renewable energy for vulnerable populations through the installation of improved wood stoves and the development of micro-hydroelectric plants and solar systems

The World Bank’s State of Electricity Access Report 2017 was launched, with a special feature by EnDev on Results-Based Financing curated en 364571494517675149 pdf 114841-WP-v2-FI.png

30 May 2017

EnDev members from RVO, SNV, and GIZ contributed to the SEAR Special Feature “Results-Based Financing. A promising new tool for energy access”

EnDev joined the international discussion on counting methodologies at the Vienna Energy Forum 2017

34635811556 38d4ce80db o.jpg

22 May 2017

On 9-12 May 2017, the Vienna Energy Forum took place, providing a platform for debate on practical solutions to 21st century developmental challenges addressing sustainable energy

Ambassadors of Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium visit EnDev-supported mini-grid in Rwanda

20161123 110942(0).jpg

18 May 2017

Rwandan investor Philbert Ndagijimana showed his privately owned and financed hydro-powered mini-grid to the international delegation

Results Based Finance (RBF) is an impactful accelerator to encourage private sector in the energy sector

Partner Working Session on RBF. EnDev, SNV. SEforAll Forum .jpg

5 April 2017

EnDev and SNV participated in the SEforALL Forum, and hosted a panel discussion on “The Role of Result Based Financing in Realising Sustainable Energy for All”