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Improved Cooking

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Technologies improved cookstoves (ICS)
EnDev 1 September 2005 -
September 2009
EnDev 2 December 2012 -
June 2018
Partners The project’s main partners are retailers, communities and leaders at local level
Implementers GIZ, Association pour le Dévelopment de l'Energie Solaire (ADES)
Outcomes (12/2017) Access to electricity:
  • 0 people

Access to modern cooking energy:

  • 171,000 people

Access to modern energy services:

  • 391 social institutions
  • 480 SMEs

Figures reflect the non-adjusted sum of EnDev 1 and EnDev 2 outcomes. Read more in EnDev's Monitoring

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Energy Situation

During the past decades, droughts and massive deforestation not only through slash-and-burn agriculture but also collection of fuel wood and charcoal production have led to severe stress on biodiversity. 200,000 ha of forest area disappear every year. 99 per cent of the people in Madagascar use solid biomass fuels for their daily cooking (82 per cent use firewood and 18 per cent use charcoal). Areas most hit from deforestation are the vulnerable arid South and West of Madagascar and the Mangroves on the West Coast.

Against this background prices for firewood and charcoal, hence also the demand for efficient cookstoves, increases continuously. Currently, however, only very few organisations produce ICS in the country. Moreover, respiratory infections caused by inefficient combustion of fuel cause approximately 16,000 premature deaths per year in the country, of which the vast majority of victims is children.

For more information see energypedia.


The project strategy is to develop an expanded local production capacity for improved cookstoves, and to ensure a sustainable market in urban and peri-urban areas in Madagascar. Implementation partner for EnDev is the Swiss NGO Association pour le Dévelopment de l'Energie Solaire (ADES). ADES is active in Madagascar since 2001.

So far, as key intervention, EnDev co-financed the establishment of a new production centre in Fianarantsoa, to increase the productivity and number of assembly lines for a stove factory. Different types of the so-called OLI stoves are built, both for wood and charcoal combustion, allowing a fuel reduction of 50-65% per meal. Moreover, the production of metal casings was introduced in Madagascar, which previously needed to be imported from Italy. The local production resulted in decreasing overall costs and an increased employment level. A second key intervention is the establishment of outlets and sustainable marketing structures in new areas of Madagascar, accompanied by awareness raising campaigns for OLI stoves, along with the initiation and the support of a professional network of independent resellers.

Since the demand for cookstoves is still higher compared to the supply, and in order to extend the geographical outreach towards the North and North East of the country, a new activity will set up a mobile awareness raising and promotion centre for improved cookstoves. The mobile centre will consist of a truck, serving as show, event and awareness raising venue.

Further information about the activities of ADES in Madagascar can be found on the homepage