EnDev and partners debate on energy for refugees during European Development Days

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Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia 2019/05/20

20 May 2019

How can markets for energy services be created in refugee settlements in a fair and sustainable way? EnDev and partners will discuss this question during the European Development Days in Brussels.

Household cooking in Rhino Camp Settlement in Uganda, Photo: © GIZ/ Anja Rohde

GIZAnja Rohde2 klein.JPG Household cooking in Rhino Camp Settlement in Uganda, Photo: © GIZ/ Anja Rohde

Millions of refugees live in settlements where they lack access to basic energy services. Humanitarian organisations mainly provide goods and services free of charge to refugees, while host communities hardly benefit. However, when precarious living conditions persist for years, sustainable structures should be built. Hence, the development sector pilots a market-based approach. What are the advantages of such an approach and how can it assure that no one is left behind?

Small shop offering phone charging in Rhino Camp Settlement in Uganda, Photo: © GIZ/ Anja Rohde

These questions will be discussed in a lab debate on “Energy for Refugees and Host Communities” during the European Development Days (EDD) in Brussels on 19th June. The debate is organised by EnDev and the programme’s implementing partners: the British NGO Practical Action (PA), the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and the Dutch humanist foundation Hivos.

EnDev and the partners have implemented activities in displacement settings in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. In the EDD debate, experts and speakers with practical experience will exchange their lessons learned on the context. The European Development Days are organised every year by the European Commission to bring the development community together. More information on the debate and the European Development Days can be found here. The registration deadline for participants to visit the EDDs is 27th May .