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Technologies biogas digesters
EnDev 1 September 2005 -
September 2009
EnDev 2 December 2012 -
June 2018
Partners Ministry of Mines and Energy
Implementers GIZ, SNV
Outcomes (12/2017) Access to electricity:
  • 7,500 people

Access to modern cooking energy:

  • 28,100 people

Access to modern energy services:

  • 0 social institutions
  • 0 SMEs

Figures reflect the non-adjusted sum of EnDev 1 and EnDev 2 outcomes. Read more in EnDev's Monitoring


EnDev in cooperation with SNV is implementing 'The Stove Auction', an innovative trading platform for clean cookstoves in Cambodia, enabled by a results-based financing scheme. The aim of the Stove Auction is to facilitate the link between international manufacturers of high performance cookstoves and local distributors and retailers. How does it work? The Stove Auction pre-qualifies a number of stove models according to certain selection criteria. It then reaches an agreement with manufacturers to auction the stoves to local distributors. International manufacturers and local distributors and retailers benefit from financial incentives. The call for participation for interested cookstove manufacturers as well as distributors and retailers is open on a rolling basis; find more information about the application process here.
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Energy Situation

Biomass energy plays a major role in satisfying rural energy demands in Cambodia. The vast majority of the rural population (94%) depends on biomass fuels, such as firewood and charcoal, as their main cooking fuel. In addition, only 6% of Cambodia’s rural population has access to grid-based electricity, mostly from village micro-grids that are often powered by inefficient diesel generators; and 80% use kerosene lamps or fluorescent lights powered by car batteries, which ends up costing an equivalent of about USD $2-3.50/kWh. As a result, household energy costs take up a significant share of the limited incomes of rural families; and demand for biomass places a heavy burden on Cambodia’s natural resources.

For more information see energypedia.


Biogas plants producing methane gas for cooking and lighting are an economically efficient answer to meet the energy needs of households. Through the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), EnDev supports Cambodia’s National Biogas Programme (NBP) in the transition from a grant driven biogas plant market to a commercially viable market supported by carbon funding, by (1) strengthening the private sector supply side actors; (2) supporting demand side market development through awareness raising and general promotion on provincial level; (3) creating a permanent credit scheme for biogas plant construction investment (4) supporting client empowerment through roll-out of Biogas User Networks (BUN) in all villages of the NBP; and by (5) providing technical assistance alongside the biogas plant value chain.

EnDev strengthens the private sector actors (1) by training new biogas construction companies and masons and by transitioning their business models into commercial franchise models, inc. the responsibility for local promotion and marketing efforts. The country project also establishes business associations for policy development, and in future capacity building and quality assurance. Overall, the project aims to facilitate the construction of an additional 9,500 biogas installations.

Further Information

Our implementing partner SNV provides additional information about the project, read more on their website.