Access to electricity has boosted entrepreneurship and well-being in N’Tjiba in Mali

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Mali 2018/07/11

9 July 2018

In the SDG7 review, the need for boosting decentralised energy solutions is broadly acknowledged. In N’Tjiba in Mali, citizens already experience the benefits of electricity in their daily life.

Small business owner in N'Tjiba, Mali ©GIZ/deJager

SmallBiz.jpg Small business owner in N'Tjiba, Mali ©GIZ/deJager

SDG7 review

In the current SDG7 review discussion at the High Level Political Forum (New York, 9-18 July 2018), the importance of decentralised off-grid energy solutions, is widely acknowledged. Decentralised energy solutions will contribute in closing the electricity gap and in the end to realise universal access to energy. Addressing the energy needs of vulnerable groups by promoting decentralised energy solutions, is at the core of the EnDev approach.

Electrification of N’Tjiba, Mali

In the village N’Tjiba in Southern Mali for example EnDev has supported the installation of a hybrid mini-grid installation with a capacity of 50 KiloWatt peak. So far, more than 3,000 inhabitants are making use of the stable electricity supply by this decentralised energy solution. The exploration and distribution of the electricity is delegated to a private operator in charge of a 24/7 service level and working with a prepaid metering system. Although the inhabitants of N’Tjiba pay more for their electricity than in the capital of Bamako, they have multiplied their productive activities since they gained access to the 24 hours electricity supply.

Decentralised reliable energy boosted the local economy

A variety of new jobs and services opened. An IT service came available as well as shops for tailors, embroideries, barbers and welders. More than 50 fridges were installed for the cooling of drinks, fish and medicines. Also, social services like a local clinic a pharmacy and a school benefit from the electrification.

The municipality contributed financially to the electrification project and in return receives free public lighting as well as increased tax revenues from entrepreneurs using electricity. Further expansion of the electricity network in the village is in progress. For more information on the country project, see the page Mali.

Since 2005, the EnDev programme has supported access to modern energy services for more than 19 million people in Africa, Asia and Latin America.