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Sustainable Energy Access: a Key Parameter

Stove builder training in Uganda

EnDev’s measures are not limited to providing and installing technical equipment. The partnership programme ensures that systems have the necessary resources to work in the long term. It is essential to have capacitated entrepreneurs at location, who are able to sell technologies and services, to solve technical difficulties and to replace spare parts or the whole system, and customers, who are aware and able to pay for services, also after the EnDev support.

For that reason, EnDev works on finding technical and market solutions which are suited to the specific local context. Activities thus differ from country to country, but all are driven by the same factor: What is necessary to achieve a self-sustaining energy market that will be independent from EnDev or other donors in the future?

Change in Technology and Consumer Behaviour

EnDev’s projects support a shift in energy technology as well as a shift in consumer and producer behaviour. When households actively choose a product themselves, they are more likely to adopt that product. For example, improved cookstoves had been promoted for many decades in Burkina Faso. In most cases, it was not the conscious decision of the households to adopt an improved cookstove. As a result, there was little change of behaviour.

Under EnDev, the households decide for themselves to buy a stove at a price which is affordable for a large part of the target group, and at the same time is profitable for the producer. Read more about the Impacts.

Local Ownership

Ownership and local contributions are important indicators for a successful and long-lasting implementation of energy systems. EnDev country projects implement additional components such as campaigns for raising awareness, vocational training and assisting entrepreneurs to start-up energy-related businesses. This includes amongst others providing information, technology transfer, technical assistance and capacity building. In certain cases, EnDev provides subsidies to kick-start markets or buy down capital investments. However, EnDev never pays for operational costs. For a detailed description of the different approaches per country, see Countries.