Stories of entrepreneurs in Peru: the case of Tito from Cajamarca

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Peru 2016/12/22

22 December 2016

„The EnDev project trained me and gave me the opportunity to know my products better and improve my selling skills.” – Tito Cerna Izquierdo

Emprendev05 Tito.png

Emprendev05 Tito.png

Tito Cerna Izquierdo (30), manager of EnerChingol EIRL, was born in the district of Cachachi, in the Cajamarca region, Peru. For more than three years, Tito has supplied solar lamps in rural areas. The families in those rural areas have since experienced great changes in their lives: due to the solar systems they can spend more time carrying out different activities for their personal benefit. Currently, Tito’s company has more than five sales points, through which it manages to provide products to more localities. In the last quarter, the company entered into the sale of wood-burning improved cookstoves and ovens, trading them in the province of Cajabamba and San Marcos.

EnDev Peru provides more insight into the impacts of its interventions by presenting entrepreneurs whose businesses are connected to energy access (improved cookstoves and solar products) in their communication initiative "emprendev". For some impressions about successful Peruvian energy entrepreneurs watch this video about Tito Cerna Izquierdo promoting solar lamps.