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A new solar hybrid mini-grid was officially launched in Rutenderi, Rwanda +Absolute Energy together with EnDev Rwanda celebrates the official launch of a hybrid mini-grid in Gatsibo district  +
Absolute Energy with support of EnDev successfully installed a solar hybrid mini-grid +This new 50kW hybrid mini-grid in Rutenderi village will enable more than 500 new connections in Rwanda  +
Access to electricity has boosted entrepreneurship and well-being in N’Tjiba in Mali +In the SDG7 review, the need for boosting decentralised energy solutions is broadly acknowledged. In N’Tjiba in Mali, citizens already experience the benefits of electricity in their daily life.  +
Ambassadors of Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium visit EnDev-supported mini-grid in Rwanda +Rwandan investor Philbert Ndagijimana showed his privately owned and financed hydro-powered mini-grid to the international delegation  +


Burundian Cookstove Producers Trained by EnDev Tanzania +The 5-day intensive training took place in November 2016 and incorporated both practical sessions and theory classes  +


COP23: invitation for EnDev's side event on 11 November +"Climate change action through decentralized energy solutions – local, people-centric and renewable" - Discussing the potential of decentralized energy solutions for climate mitigation policies  +
Call for Pre-Qualification for solar products of EnDev Tanzania’s RBF Fund +Stage 2 of the Solar Market Development in Lake-Central Zones RBF Fund has started, and eligible private sector companies are invited to apply for early pre-qualification  +
Call for proposals: Sub-Saharan Africa Grid Densification Challenge Fund +EnDev launches the 2<sup>nd</sup> call of the Grid Densification Challenge Fund. Results-based payments will be available for increasing energy access for poor households through grid densification.  +
Call for proposals: energy-efficient refrigerators for Bangladesh and East Africa +Off-grid appliance bulk procurement incentives, 2nd round: refrigerators  +
Call for proposals: solar AC and solar DC village grids in Rwanda +EnDev Rwanda promotes village grids and launches its 6th call for proposals  +
Call for proposals: solar PV hybrid mini-grids in Marsabit County, Kenya +EnDev Kenya’s results-based financing (RBF) project Market Creation for Private Sector Operated Mini-Grids launches its new call for proposals  +
Call for proposals: solar PV hybrid mini-grids in Turkana County, Kenya +EnDev Kenya’s results-based financing (RBF) project Market Creation for Private Sector Operated Mini-Grids launches its new call for proposals  +


Dutch donor representatives visit EnDev Kenya to get first-hand impressions of the partnership and its activities +One day in the field, the next day at the roundtable. EnDev Kenya’s implementing partners take the opportunity to jointly host donor representatives from the Netherlands  +


EEP Africa Program launches new Call for Proposals +The EEP Africa Program has launched a new Call for Proposals. EnDev and the Energy and Environment Partnership Trust Fund (EEP) are currently exploring closer collaboration.  +
EU Delegation visits mini-grid site in N’Tjiba, Mali +As part of the Climate Action Week in Mali, an EU delegation visited the 50 KWp hybrid mini-grid in N’Tjiba. The mini-grid was facilitated by EnDev to deliver electricity access to the rural village.  +
Empowering communities in rural Indonesia +In Indonesia, about half of the population does not have access to modern energy services. The affected people, however, are resourceful and take energy supply in their own hands.  +
EnDev Ethiopia handed over 25 solar systems, co-financed by Irish Aid, to social institutions in the Tigray region +The new electricity supply benefits health facilities, schools and other institutions, such as the Mesanu training centre. Today, they can use various electrical devices, thus offer many more services.  +
EnDev Ethiopia participated in the first Ethiopian Water and Energy Week +EnDev Ethiopia attended the first Ethiopian Water and Energy Week and used the opportunity to share its project experience.  +
EnDev Rwanda publishes its Off-Grid Sector Status Report 2017 +The annual issue of the report for Rwanda provides an assessment of the off-grid solar lighting and mini-grid market development in Rwanda  +
EnDev and Barclays Bank of Kenya join hands in powering Kenya’s off-grid areas with 14 mini-grids +Through the DFID funded Results-based Financing (RBF) Facility, EnDev through Barclays provides incentives to 4 companies for implementing 14 mini-grids in two Kenyan counties, Turkana and Marsabit.  +
EnDev and its partner AVSI present field experiences of women empowerment in energy projects at network event in Brussels +EnDev and partner AVSI foundation presented field experiences of improving positions of women at the network event on ‘How to empower women in the off-grid energy business?’ on 23 October in Brussels.  +
EnDev and partners debate on energy for refugees during European Development Days +How can markets for energy services be created in refugee settlements in a fair and sustainable way? EnDev and partners will discuss this question during the European Development Days in Brussels.  +
EnDev at the ARE Energy Access Investment Forum in Lisbon +EnDev was invited to contribute with its expertise on technical assistance for rural electrification in developing countries at the Energy Access Investment Forum.  +
EnDev emphasises ´Leave No One Behind´ commitment at SDG7 Global Conference +Bangkok, 23 February 2018 – EnDev participated at the SDG7 Global Conference and stressed the importance on the ‘Leave No One Behind’ agreement in the current access to modern energy discussion  +
EnDev helps electrify 34 health centres in Barouéli, Mali +Working without electricity is a typical challenge for many health institutions in Mali. EnDev is helping to electrify them properly – making night births a lot easier.  +
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