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"Accelerating the off-grid appliance market with RBF – e-cooking and energy efficiency" RBF Facility webinar series 2020 +The third webinar as part of the RBF webinar series on September 29 discussed the provision of energy access with the help of off-grid appliances.  +
"Verification in RBF projects - Value for money or waste of time?" RBF Facility webinar series 2020 +The fourth and last webinar of the series discussed manifold ways of designing verification systems: from applying digital technology to measuring impact and using innovation.  +


A new solar hybrid mini-grid was officially launched in Rutenderi, Rwanda +Absolute Energy together with EnDev Rwanda celebrates the official launch of a hybrid mini-grid in Gatsibo district  +
Absolute Energy with support of EnDev successfully installed a solar hybrid mini-grid +This new 50kW hybrid mini-grid in Rutenderi village will enable more than 500 new connections in Rwanda  +
Access to electricity has boosted entrepreneurship and well-being in N’Tjiba in Mali +In the SDG7 review, the need for boosting decentralised energy solutions is broadly acknowledged. In N’Tjiba in Mali, citizens already experience the benefits of electricity in their daily life.  +
Ambassadors of Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium visit EnDev-supported mini-grid in Rwanda +Rwandan investor Philbert Ndagijimana showed his privately owned and financed hydro-powered mini-grid to the international delegation  +


Burundian Cookstove Producers Trained by EnDev Tanzania +The 5-day intensive training took place in November 2016 and incorporated both practical sessions and theory classes  +


COP23: invitation for EnDev's side event on 11 November +"Climate change action through decentralized energy solutions – local, people-centric and renewable" - Discussing the potential of decentralized energy solutions for climate mitigation policies  +
COVID-19 Energy Access Industry Barometer - Presentation of results in a webinar hosted by EnDev +Learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on the off-grid energy access sector from the most global and inclusive survey yet!  +
COVID-19 market survey: off-grid businesses in crisis – EnDev proposes instruments for green recovery +EnDev conducted a COVID-19 market survey in 23 countries, involving about 700 small and medium-sized companies. It shows that companies across the off-grid sector are severely impacted by the pandemic  +
COVID-19: Energy Access Industry Barometer +Survey extended until 21th of July: EnDev invites you to participate in the Global Market Survey that is carried out by likeminded partners that want to make sure your voice is heard  +
Call for Applications: Pro Poor Results-Based Financing (RBF) Rwanda +Distributors of Lighting Global or Rwanda Standards Board certified multi-light Solar Home System (SHS) products can apply for receiving financial incentives from the RBF fund  +
Call for EoI – Promotion of Solar for Productive Use in Kenya +EnDev Kenya seeks to accelerate access to appropriate, reliable and affordable energy services for SMEs by strengthening supply and distribution of solar powered systems for productive use  +
Call for EoI: Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) Pilot Project in Kenya +EnDev seeks to pilot a RBF scheme for enterprises called ‘Social Impact Incentives’ (SIINC), a funding instrument that rewards impact enterprises with financial incentives for achieving social impact.  +
Call for Pre-Qualification for solar products of EnDev Tanzania’s RBF Fund +Stage 2 of the Solar Market Development in Lake-Central Zones RBF Fund has started, and eligible private sector companies are invited to apply for early pre-qualification  +
Call for Proposals: Smart Communities Coalition Innovation Fund (SCCIF) - Window I +The recently launched SCCIF, which aims at bringing private sector-led solutions to displaced populations and crisis-affected host communities, is calling for proposals by interested parties.  +
Call for proposals: Sub-Saharan Africa Grid Densification Challenge Fund +EnDev launches the 2<sup>nd</sup> call of the Grid Densification Challenge Fund. Results-based payments will be available for increasing energy access for poor households through grid densification.  +
Call for proposals: energy-efficient refrigerators for Bangladesh and East Africa +Off-grid appliance bulk procurement incentives, 2nd round: refrigerators  +
Call for proposals: results-based financing for solar water pumps & off-grid refrigerators +Distributors of the Global LEAP Award-winning products can apply for receiving funds from our results-based financing mechanism.  +
Call for proposals: solar AC and solar DC village grids in Rwanda +EnDev Rwanda promotes village grids and launches its 6th call for proposals  +
Call for proposals: solar PV hybrid mini-grids in Marsabit County, Kenya +EnDev Kenya’s results-based financing (RBF) project Market Creation for Private Sector Operated Mini-Grids launches its new call for proposals  +
Call for proposals: solar PV hybrid mini-grids in Turkana County, Kenya +EnDev Kenya’s results-based financing (RBF) project Market Creation for Private Sector Operated Mini-Grids launches its new call for proposals  +
Clean Cooking Alliance opened Request for Proposals +The Request for Proposals (RfP) for the Clean Cooking Sector Strategy initiative has been posted on the Alliance website  +


Dutch donor representatives visit EnDev Kenya to get first-hand impressions of the partnership and its activities +One day in the field, the next day at the roundtable. EnDev Kenya’s implementing partners take the opportunity to jointly host donor representatives from the Netherlands  +


EEP Africa Program launches new Call for Proposals +The EEP Africa Program has launched a new Call for Proposals. EnDev and the Energy and Environment Partnership Trust Fund (EEP) are currently exploring closer collaboration.  +
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