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Accelerate the uptake of off-grid solar technologies with Results-Based Financing +Improved access to energy: *2,800 people  +
Access to modern cooking energy for poor and vulnerable groups in Mozambique and Malawi +Access to modern cooking: *67,000 people  +


Biogas Business Boost Benefitting Farmers (4B-F) +Access to modern cooking energy: *10,486 people  +


Central America +Access to modern electricity: *193,000 people Access to modern cooking energy: *162,000 people Access to modern energy services: *1,100 social institutions *1,900 SMEs  +


Grid Densification Challenge Fund +None yet  +


Market Acceleration of Advanced Clean Cookstoves in the Greater Mekong Sub-region +Access to modern cooking: *59,000 people with access to advanced biomass cookstoves  +