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"Accelerating the off-grid appliance market with RBF – e-cooking and energy efficiency" RBF Facility webinar series 2020 +photo taken by CLASP  +


A new solar hybrid mini-grid was officially launched in Rutenderi, Rwanda +Launch ceremony in Rutenderi.<br /> From left to right (top): Peter Weston, Investment Director, Energy4Impact; Herbert Njiru, Country Manager, Energy4Impact; Consolée Urujeni, Executive Secretary, Kabarore Sector; member of the Province Governor's office; Jesse Ratichek, COO and Deputy CEO, Urwego Bank. <br /> From left to right (bottom): military officers; Richard Gasana, Mayor, Gatsibo District; Fred Mufulukye, Eastern Province Governor; Alberto Pisanti, Founding Partner and CEO, Absolute Energy; Philippe Lempp, Country Programme Manager, EnDev Rwanda; military officer.<br /> Photo © GIZ/Isabella Troconis  +
Absolute Energy with support of EnDev successfully installed a solar hybrid mini-grid +The proud shop owner powers his sales area with electricity from the solar mini-grid. Photo: ©GIZ/Isabella Troconis  +
Access to electricity has boosted entrepreneurship and well-being in N’Tjiba in Mali +Small business owner in N'Tjiba, Mali ©GIZ/deJager  +
Ambassadors of Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium visit EnDev-supported mini-grid in Rwanda +Philbert Ndagijimana at the hydro power plant that supplies his mini-grid with electricity  +


COVID-19 Energy Access Industry Barometer - Presentation of results in a webinar hosted by EnDev +Many companies are affected by COVID-19  +
COVID-19: Energy Access Industry Barometer +Photo credit: GIZ  +
Call for proposals: Sub-Saharan Africa Grid Densification Challenge Fund +Call for proposals  +
Call for proposals: solar AC and solar DC village grids in Rwanda +Call for proposals  +
Call for proposals: solar PV hybrid mini-grids in Turkana County, Kenya +Call for proposals  +


Dutch donor representatives visit EnDev Kenya to get first-hand impressions of the partnership and its activities +The donor representatives from the Netherlands during a conversation with one of the biogas owners. Photo: <p>© Kenya Biogas Program (ABPP-4BF)  +


EU Delegation visits mini-grid site in N’Tjiba, Mali +The president of operator ACCESS, Ibrahim Togola, gives information on the installed solar panels to the EU delegation  +
Empowering communities in rural Indonesia +Transporting the turbine to its assigned use  +
EnDev Ethiopia participated in the first Ethiopian Water and Energy Week +Photo by: Yosef Woldeamanuel  +
EnDev RBF Facility webinar series & closing event 2020: insights from 7 years of implementation +Photo credit: SNV  +
EnDev Rwanda publishes its Off-Grid Sector Status Report 2017 +Off-Grid Sector Status Report 2017 for Rwanda  +
EnDev and Barclays Bank of Kenya join hands in powering Kenya’s off-grid areas with 14 mini-grids +The 21.2 kWp Kataboi mini-grid system. Photo by Nirav Agencies Ltd/ Brian Asuma  +
EnDev and its partner AVSI present field experiences of women empowerment in energy projects at network event in Brussels +Panel left to right: Marcel Raats, EnDev; Francesca Oliva, AVSI; Dagmar Schumacher, UN Women; Ana Rojas, Nedworc Found.; Georgios Pantoulis, DG-DEVCO.  +
EnDev and partners debate on energy for refugees during European Development Days +Household cooking in Rhino Camp Settlement in Uganda, Photo: © GIZ/ Anja Rohde  +
EnDev at the ARE Energy Access Investment Forum in Lisbon +The panel members from SNV, EnDev, Schneider Electric, and UNOPS discuss technical assistance for rural electrification. Lisbon, 22 March 2017.  +
EnDev emphasises ´Leave No One Behind´ commitment at SDG7 Global Conference +Text with photo: Panel discussion ‘Achieving SDG7 in Asia and the Pacific’ at the SDG7 Global Conference (Bangkok, 21-23 February 2018). Photo by Erick Ratajczak, UN.  +
EnDev helps electrify 34 health centres in Barouéli, Mali +Awa Founé Coulibaly, matron at the maternity ward in Tesseréla. Photo: ©Nicolas Réméné for Makmende  +
EnDev helps stimulate local economic growth in rural Tanzania +Solar co-operative in Bariadi, Tanzania. ©DFID/Watkins  +
EnDev partners demand more attention for energy needs in refugee settings +Panel members in discussion with the audience at EDD2019 side event on 'Energy for Refugees and Host Communities'  +
EnDev successfully calls for increased attention of middle segment, local stove producers at Clean Cooking Investment Forum +Left to right: Linda Boll, Shell Foundation; Carlo Figa, OTAGO; Lauri Tuomaala, EEP; Madeleine Post, ENEA; Marcel Raats, EnDev; Victor Ndiege, AECF.  +
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