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Benin +<h2> RBF COUNTRY CALL FOR PROPOSALS </h2> EnDev Benin has launched a results-based financing (RBF) scheme to trigger national market development for off-grid energy access. The RBF scheme aims to support the market development for pico PV systems and solar home systems with the objective to increase access to basic electricity services for rural populations in Benin. This call offers financial incentives targeted at Benin registered companies to import and distribute solar products. Under the RBF mechanism, companies that successfully provide a pre-defined number of customers with solar powered energy services will be rewarded with an RBF incentive. Expressions of interest are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information about the application process, see [[Benin RBF|Benin RBF]].  +


Cambodia +<h2> RBF CALL FOR PARTICIPATION </h2> EnDev in cooperation with SNV is implementing 'The Stove Auction', an innovative trading platform for clean cookstoves in Cambodia, enabled by a results-based financing scheme. The aim of the Stove Auction is to facilitate the link between international manufacturers of high performance cookstoves and local distributors and retailers. How does it work? The Stove Auction pre-qualifies a number of stove models according to certain selection criteria. It then reaches an agreement with manufacturers to auction the stoves to local distributors. International manufacturers and local distributors and retailers benefit from financial incentives. The call for participation for interested cookstove manufacturers as well as distributors and retailers is open on a rolling basis; find more information about the application process [ here].  +


Kenya +<h2> RBF CALL EXPRESSION OF INTEREST </h2> EnDev Kenya seeks to accelerate access to appropriate, reliable and affordable energy services for SMEs by strengthening supply and distribution of solar powered systems for productive use. The call for Expression of Interest is now open. For information about the process and eligibility criteria, please see [ Call for EoI document]. The application template can be downloaded [ here].  +


Rwanda +<h2> RBF COUNTRY CALL FOR PROPOSALS </h2> EnDev launched a Call for Interested Project Developers to trigger national market development for off-grid energy access. Distributors of Lighting Global or Rwanda Standards Board certified multi-light Solar Home System (SHS) products can apply for receiving financial incentives from the RBF fund. For more information and access to the application form, please click [ here]. More information on the criteria for eligible technologies and the required documents for both calls can be retrieved on our partner's [ website].  +


Tanzania +<h2> RBF CALL FOR PROPOSALS </h2> '''Stage 2 of the Solar Market Development in Lake-Central Zones: Call for Pre-Qualification for solar products (2019-2020)''' <br> EnDev, through its implementation partner SNV, invites applications from eligible solar companies to pre-qualify for the supply of quality solar products. The RBF Fund includes EUR 1.5 million in RBF incentives available to the private sector and is focused on solar picoPV products. Its targeted geographic areas are the rural districts of six Lake Zone regions and four Central Zone regions. The RBF Fund is open to receiving applications through multiple intake rounds until March 2020. For more information, [ see here]. The deadline for this round of intake is Friday, 27 July 2019, 2:00 PM East African Time (EAT).  +


Vietnam +<h2> RBF CALL FOR PARTICIPATION </h2> EnDev in cooperation with SNV is implementing an innovative project to develop the market for household gasifier cookstoves in Vietnam, enabled by a results-based financing scheme. Local cookstove manufacturers that meet the project’s eligibility criteria, can make competing bids on the cash incentive levels through an auction mechanism, for results-based financing. Interested local cookstove manufacturers should contact [] for more information. This call reiterates on a (bi)monthly basis.  +