New paper on sustainability of biomass stoves in Peru with technical support of EnDev

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Peru 2018/08/07

7 August 2018

The study, carried out on behalf of IICA and FASERT, is an evaluation of use and maintenance for at least four years old improved cookstoves installed by social programmes in four regions of Peru

Cookstove owner and her child in the family kitchen in Paucamayo, Cajamarca

10027573226 a322922f73 o.jpg Cookstove owner and her child in the family kitchen in Paucamayo, Cajamarca

The paper Prevalent degradation and patterns of use, maintenance, repair, and access to post-acquisition services for biomass stoves in Peru is included in the forthcoming August edition of the scientific journal Energy for Sustainable Development. The study on which the paper is based on was carried out on behalf of the Fund for Sustainable Access to Thermal Renewable Energy (FASERT), funded by EnDev Peru.

EnDev Peru supported the research of Carlos Gould F. and Kirstie Jagoe from Columbia University. EnDev’s Ana Isabel Moreno, Angel Verastegui, and Veronica Pilco gave technical advice along the whole process, from the selection of homes to peer reviewing of the final reports. Experts from IICA, FASERT and the Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, too, monitored the process: Javier García, Angelica Fort, and Michael Johnson, respectively.

Key findings of this research project are:

  • Owners of improved cookstoves have had their stoves for an average of five years, often replacing traditional inefficient stoves.
  • More than 80% of the people carry out some kind of maintenance task, and the poorest people are more eager to maintain and/or repair their stoves.
  • The majority of improved cookstoves have become damaged during the years of usage, primarily to the combustion chamber and chimney. However, damage in the combustion chamber does not affect the stove performance in a significant way.
  • The poorest people remain using wood stoves as its main stove, even in the presence of subsidies for LPG and LPG stoves.

If you want a copy of the paper, please email to, with “Stoves research paper Peru” as subject.

EnDev Peru has been active in the cooking energy sector since 2009. The project aims to facilitate the development of a sustainable market for improved cookstoves (ICS) with public and private investment. Both the demand and the supply side are strengthened: demand through measures that focus on awareness, adoption and maintenance of ICS, supply through measures that focus on R&D, sales and after-sales services. For more information on the country project, continue reading here.