EnDev RBF Facility webinar series & closing event 2020: insights from 7 years of implementation

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Bangladesh 2020/06/09

9 June 2020

Closing the RBF Facility’s circle from beginning to end: how has it influenced the energy access sector, where are we standing today and where are we heading? We invite you to join the discussion.

Photo credit: SNV

Benin Solar-small.jpg Photo credit: SNV


Since 2013, the Energising Development (EnDev) partnership is piloting results-based financing (RBF) approaches to enhance energy access markets with funding provided by UK’s Department for Inter-national Development (DFID). EnDev´s RBF Facility (RBFF) comprises 17 projects across 14 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It covers a wide range of modern energy technologies. So far, EnDev’s RBFF reached 5.8 million people with improved access to energy.

The webinar series

Although EnDev’s RBFF is phasing out this year, applying RBF in the sector does not stop here – the prospects are bright and promising. EnDev thus wants to share experiences in implementing this rich portfolio of projects. It is time to combine perspectives of a variety of stakeholders ranging from public funders, RBF practitioners and the private sector to answer some crucial questions:

  • Can RBF develop self-sustaining markets for energy and achieve additional results?
  • Is RBF a “better” alternative to other development cooperation modalities?
  • What RBF-approaches and design features worked in which circumstances and why?

Scheduled webinars

From June until November 2020, this webinar series will address the following topics in the run-up to the final closing event:


Transforming energy markets with RBF – hype or hope? 18 June (10:00 CET/MEZ)

Speakers: DFID, EnDev, Particip GmbH, RBFF project examples from Vietnam and Benin


Reaching the bottom of the pyramid with RBF – wishful thinking or reality? July 2020

Speakers (tbc): EnDev, RBFF project examples from Rwanda, Tanzania, and Malawi


Verification in RBF projects – value for money or waste of time? September 2020

Speakers (tbc): EnDev, RBFF project examples from Mekong region and Kenya


Accelerating the off-grid appliance market with RBF. October 2020

Speakers (tbc): CLASP, RBFF project examples from Kenya and Bangladesh, MECS Nepal – off-grid appliances (TVs, fans, refrigerators) and electric cooking

Closing event in November 2020

RBFF online closing event: November 2020

The end of an era or just the beginning? – RBF Sector Spillover and Innovation

Speakers (tbc): RBF donors; RBFF implementers and project examples for innovative RBF approaches


We invite everyone interested in joining our discussion! For further information please contact sarah.wollring@giz.de or franziska.munzinger@giz.de.