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Essential Criteria

EnDev supports promising opportunities in countries that can lead to increasing energy access. An important precondition is that structures need to be in place to secure access to energy in the long run. In this way, the partnership programme seizes present potential and fosters positive outlooks. However, EnDev only intervenes if the access would not occur otherwise within the next five years.

Supported Projects

As a performance-based programme, EnDev supports projects which

  • can prove successful strategies (performance),
  • meet criteria determined by a needs assessment, and
  • match focal areas defined by financiers.

This approach allows the programme to quickly and efficiently scale up successful activities and be flexible in reallocating funds between countries according to their performance.

Market-Based Approach

To achieve long lasting results, EnDev follows a market-based approach. The approach operates in line with the tenets of the market economy. EnDev encourages competition between projects, technologies and strategies. The best ideas win. A project is evaluated on the number of people who have gained access to modern energy services per EUR spent. The more cost-efficient projects are scaled up while the more expensive projects are rather scaled down. This way, EnDev ensures that bright ideas are rewarded. The sustainability of its interventions is a key parameter for EnDev. Read more about the approach to sustainable energy access on the page Sustainability.

Success Indicators

EnDev measures success in terms of

  • the number of people (in the category household), social institutions and micro, small and medium enterprises who gain sustainable access to modern energy services per allocated EUR,
  • the degree of market development and sustainable market structures,
  • the wider developmental impacts of the energy activities.

To measure the outcome and impact of projects, EnDev has set up an outcome-based monitoring system. This is key to EnDev’s successful programme management. For further information take a look at EnDev’s Monitoring.