COVID-19 market survey: off-grid businesses in crisis – EnDev proposes instruments for green recovery

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Bangladesh 2020/06/15

15 June 2020

EnDev conducted a COVID-19 market survey in 23 countries, involving about 700 small and medium-sized companies. It shows that companies across the off-grid sector are severely impacted by the pandemic



From 20 April to 4 May, EnDev conducted a market survey in 23 countries both online and by phone.

It aimed to get a better overview on the impacts of the pandemic on local energy access markets and the operational as well as financial robustness of EnDev’s portfolio of private market actors.

The findings

The companies surveyed encompass a variety of sub-sectors including improved and clean cooking, biogas, household solar PV and mini-grids. The survey shows that companies are confronted with severe liquidity constraints, forcing them to scale down their operations, reduce salaries, lay-off staff, or seek for alternative businesses or close down their operations.

The crisis has a particular impact on local energy companies, which are being left behind by most existing support instruments. EnDev proposes a comprehensive set of support interventions to address the needs along the value chain. Helping the actors on supply side to survive the crisis, will pave the way for green economic recovery in partner countries.

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