Burundian Cookstove Producers Trained by EnDev Tanzania

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Burundi 2016/12/12

12 December 2016

The 5-day intensive training took place in November 2016 and incorporated both practical sessions and theory classes



The EnDev cookstove teams from Burundi and Tanzania met during the regional East African EnDev Cooking Energy meeting in Kampala in April 2016. The Burundi team showed high interest in the Tanzanian Matawi stove, since an improved wood stove of this quality was not yet available in Burundi. Ongoing communication ensured the dispatch of 20 Matawi stoves (10 metal cladded and 10 ceramic stoves) to Bujumbura, for a first field testing. Consumer tests in Burundi showed that the participating households were very satisfied with the performance of the stove.  Additionally the stove had been given to local Burundian stove producers for further examination and testing.  After the very positive feedback from consumers (rural households) and producers, the team decided to introduce this stove also in Burundi. In order to ensure a sufficient supply of high quality Matawi stoves in Burundi it training for local producers was of course needed. Due to the currently politically difficult situation in Burundi and the challenging working conditions for the local EnDev team, the technical training on Matawi stoves was organized in Mwanza, Tanzania, located at only 250km from the Burundian border. The training took place in November 2016 and was facilitated by EnDev Tanzania’s Technical Lead Hassan Bussiga alongside two Tanzanian ICS Champion producers. It was a five-day intensive training which incorporated both practical sessions at one of the producer’s workshop and theory classes at the EnDev office in Tanzania. Nine stove producers from three locations in Burundi (Bujumbura, Gitega and Ngozi) selected by EnDev Burundi participated. The training was given in Swahili and English and even translated to Kirundi for some producers who did not understand either of these languages.